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The Farm and Food Workers Relief Program (FFWR) is providing eligible workers a new Covid-19 Relief reimbursement payment. Each eligible household member may receive a one-time $600 payment. If you worked or are currently working as a farm or food worker, or in meat packing you may be eligible. Please read below for more details.

What is Needed to Apply?

Eligible field workers, meatpacking workers, livestock workers and others applying for the Farm and Food Workers Relief (FFWR) grant should be prepared to provide some form of employment and identity verification.

Workers Will:

  • Self-certify through sufficient documentation proving employment at a food processing facility, meatpacking facility or farm, such as a W-2 tax form or paycheck stubs, and
  • Self-certify that they incurred expenses preparing for, preventing exposure to, and/or responding to the COVID-19 pandemic such as, but not limited to: costs for personal protective equipment (PPE), expenses associated with quarantines and testing, and dependent care, and
  • Self-certify that they have not previously received a FFWR beneficiary payment through another entity.
  • Identity verification: workers must also submit sufficient proof of identity when requesting funds.

How to Apply?

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USDA-FFWR Help Articles

Important Documents

Important Documents

Below are a few additional supporting documents you may need to fill out to submit with your application depending on your situation. Personal Attestation This is a form we will need in case there is no other way to identify you. If you are not able to provide any of...

Important Documents


What is the Farm and Food Workers Relief Program (FFWR)? This relief is intended to defray costs for reasonable and necessary personal, family, or living expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as but not limited to costs for personal protective equipment...

Important Documents

More About the Grant

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm and Food Worker Relief (FFWR) Grant Program awarded approximately $667 million in grants to fourteen nonprofit organizations and one Tribal entity through Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 funds. The full list of...

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Avoid scams and fraud by keeping these in mind:  Only organizations awarded the grant by the USDA may process Farm and Food Workers Relief (FFWR) applications. Approved organizations were announced summer 2022 and posted on:



Relief payments will be available to eligible workers who performed work in farming activities, meatpacking work between January 27, 2020, until May 11th, 2023.  Please note the applicant MUST have worked as an eligible fieldworkers, meat packing, or meat...

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Meat Packing

Production Worker

Vegestable Farming

Fruit Farming

Crop Farming

Potato Farming

Floriculture Production

Cotton Farming

Tobacco Farming

Peanut Farming

Bee Production

Berry Picking

Tree Nut Farming

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Cattle Farming or Ranching

Milk Production

Dairy Farming

Cattle Feed Lots

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