Throughout this Application, you will be asked to include documentation to support your Application.

  • The instructions use the word must where documentation is strictly required; this means you must supply the requested supporting
  • The instructions use the word may where documentation would be helpful to assessing your Application. This means that your
    Application would be stronger if you provide documentation

Information About the Co-Borrower(s)

To document your co-borrowers, you may provide one or more of the following loan documents that list them. For example:

  • FSA-2001
  • Promissory Note
  • Mortgage deed, if it lists co-borrowers
  • Other
  • To document the name of the entity or alternative business names, you may submit:
  • Tax document reflecting name of entity

For Applicants Who Never Farmed, but Who Would Have Operated a Farm or Ranch If They Had Received a Loan Through a USDA Farm Loan Program

  • Documentation of farm-related education
  • Documentation of farm-related employment
  • Other